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Brought up in Tasmania, Fiona has for many years been based in Sydney. While she has had an interest in both drawing and painting since her earliest childhood, she has only started taking her art seriously as an adult.


She draws her inspiration from many sources. A deep love of stories and of narrative is reflected in the narrative themes that drive much of her work. Her fascination with light and shadow is reflected in the use of watercolour as her medium of choice. At the same time, a simple enjoyment in the pleasures of childhood has resulted in an extensive portfolio of illustrations.


Both Fiona’s watercolour and miniature work has won awards. She has exhibited both individually and in groups, and her work is hung in both private and corporate collections. Fiona is an exhibiting member of the Australian Society of Miniaturists.


Currently, this website only allows viewing of Fiona’s extensive portfolio. However, in phase two of the website’s development, much of the work (some as originals, most as either prints or downloadable digital files) will be available for sale.


Queries, commissions and requests for more information on commercial art are welcomed. Please contact Fiona directly via the ‘Contact page’.

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