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The themes seen in Fiona's watercolours are wide ranging, including still life, florals, landscape, architecture of all forms and figures.


Many paintings have a strong narrative and are quite detailed. The interplay of light and shadow, and the resulting impact on texture and form, is often explored throughout the portfolio.

Fiona's acrylic collection is often much looser and impressionistic in style.

In contrast with some of Fiona's other work, her acrylic landscapes are explorations of mood and atmosphere.


These themes are also encompassed in her ballet series -  the work is tighter, but retains much of the spontaneity of her landscapes.



A desire to invoke the nostalgia of bygone years - to engage with nature with a childlike playfulness - has resulted in Fiona's extensive illustration collection.

Conversely, illustrations also figure heavily in Fiona's commercial work, simply and directly depicting various commercial subjects.




While some artists have seen watercolour as no more than an interesting sideline, Fiona has had a passion for this medium from the start.

Many of her watercolours are highly detailed, taking considerable time and effort to produce. In more recent times, she has developed this interest in detail by moving into the production of miniature paintings.


Watercolour remains Fiona's preferred medium to this day, All of her original artwork is painted on archival quality watercolour paper.

In addition to her watercolour work, Fiona has been active with pencil and graphite for many years, and has also worked with casein and scratchboard. As with her watercolour portfolio, her work in all these media is notable for its attention to fine detail.

More recently Fiona has experimented with acrylics, and this has allowed her to introduce a looser, more spontaneous style to her portfolio. Generally, her acrylic work is painted on canvas, although some work has been completed on watercolour paper.

Finally, her constant desire to innovate and experiment has resulted in her moving into digital art, and she has produced a number of purely digital works, as well as using the techology to amalgamate works from a number of different media. 

Please browse the galleries, and if you have any questions please feel free to use the Contact Page.

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